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Aseem Shakti started out as a Self-Help Group of women. The intention of the SHG was to generate employment for the members of the group.But behind that simple motive was the conviction that the employment of women enriches society.The core belief that underlies our efforts at Aseem Shakti: We believe that there is a need for women to be part of the traditionally male-dominated workforce. When women go out of their kitchens, their homes, and join the workforce to assert their unique individuality and realize their true potential while doing good for the economy and the society. When they realise that there are no boundaries restricting what they can do and where they can go, as rightful stakeholders of the physical and social assets of the public space around them, they will become self-sustained, self-assured about their personal safety as well as self-aware of their capabilities to contribute to India’s growth. We, at Aseem Shakti, believe that each and every woman is capable to contribute to society by standing on her own two feet. We believe a larger representation of women in the workforce garners not only economic dividends for the women, their families and the country but also social dividends for Indian society. We believe that even without an immediate financial necessity, a woman who wants to work outside the domestic space should be encouraged to pursue her aspirations. we believe that there are always opportunities awaiting a woman who wants to work, regardless of her age, qualification or skill, and we, at Aseem Shakti, want to be a platform where opportunities are created for women who want to work.



To create a sustainable platform that encourages Indian women from all walks of life to come out of their traditional confinement and participate in the workforce for asserting their unique self in the public spaces of t he world and for contributing positively to the society and environment.We create opportunities for women and transgenders to work with us in various capacities starting from investor role to delivery staff.We make products that are attuned with the needs of working women



We are a platform that encourages Indian women to find their voice, express their self-identity and enjoy their individual rights to freedom through participation in the workforce irrespective of age, skill and talent.The objective of Aseem Shakti is to create a workspace that will empower women and transgenders by providing them job opportunities and promoting gender inclusivity.